Mayor Estrañero to Bulanao home owners: Relocate or get stall in new public market

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Tabuk City Mayor Darwin Estrañero on July 4 sought to calm down anxious house owners at the Bulanao Public Market amid the property’s pending demolition.

A new public market worth P640 million is set to begin construction after the Bulanao Public Market is demolished.

The Tabuk politiko said residents can choose to be relocated or be prioritized among those who will be allowed to rent stalls in the new public market.

“Ti city government ket Gumatdang iti daga nga umakaran yu nu kayat yu ti ma-relocate,” Estrañero said.

“Agsabali daytoy a pasilidad, ket umuna iti public market. Saan kayo kuma a paalilaw a kasla mall lang ti maipatakder ta priority tayo latta ti public market,” he added.

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