Mayor Eriguel’s wedding had last minute changes, but ‘everything was perfect’

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Agoo Mayor Stefanie Ann Eriguel-Calongcagon’s wedding was quite a rollercoaster ride, but she loved it just the same.

The politiko recently shared more photos from her beautiful wedding with abogado John Calongcagon in her Facebook page.

In her post, Eriguel discussed all the last minute changes she and her now-husband had to deal with on their special day.

Despite the obstacles, it was still a “perfect” day to get married, said Eriguel.

“Despite the last minute changes, downsizing the guestlist to entourage and family only (just two weeks before the wedding!), the mandatory testing requirements, the drizzling and sudden change of venue, plus a minor food mixup, everything was perfect!” said the mayor.

“Pat and I would like to thank our dream team and sponsors for making our dream wedding come true! We love you guys!” she added.

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