Mayor Domogan urges married couples to do 7-day challenge

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Baguio City Mauricio Domogan on February 4 urged married couples to do a 7-day challenge.

The Baguio politiko made the challenge during the launch of the celebration of Marriage Week.

He called on couples to write love notes to each other, not to say anything negative to the spouse, talk to each other for at least 30 minutes, pray together; post on social media about their partner’s “perfectness,” have a daily goal-sharing with each other, and be intimate with each other.

Domogan said quality time is a crucial ingredient in marriage.

“Have the time to talk, be with each other without the disturbance from a cellphone or television,” he said.

“The good relationship of parents redounds to having a good relationship among the children and the entire family,” Domogan added.

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