Mayor Domogan lauds Kalinga leaders for handling tribal conflict

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Baguio City Mayor Mauricio Domogan lauded Kalinga’s tribal leaders for controlling the conflict between the Lubo and Tulgao tribes.

The Baguio politiko said the tribal leaders’ handling of the conflict has prevented the potential tribal war to spill into the Summer Capital.

Two members of the Tulgao tribe earlier killed a farmer and wounded his brother in Tabuk City.

The two victims were members of the Lubo tribe.

“We are grateful to our brothers and sisters from the different tribes in Kalinga for heeding our call to sustain the declaration of Baguio and Benguet as peace zones because we do not want the unnecessary disruption of the prevailing peace and order situation in the city, ” Domogan said.

“We commend their desire for the maintenance of peace and order in the city, so that their employment and their studies here will not be affected by whatever violent actions done by their fellow tribe members,” he added.

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