Mayor Domogan eyes mandatory closing of bars in Baguio by midnight

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Baguio City Mayor Mauricio Domogan said he supports the proposal to have a mandatory closing time for bars in the Summer Capital.

The Baguio politiko said the city police have proposed that bars in the city should all be closed by midnight.

Domogan said most liquor-related crimes happen around 2AM, the time when most bars close in Baguio.

“The BCPO is in the best position to make the appropriate recommendations for the adoption of a unified closing time for our night establishments to further improve the peace and order situation in our city for the benefit of both the residents and the tourists,” he said.

Domogan urged the Baguio city council to pass an ordinance mandating the proposed changes.

“While there is a need to look into the business aspect of the matter, the greater interest of the public, which is good peace and ordered situation, must be the primordial consideration in the adoption of the appropriate changes to the prevailing closing time of bars and other similarly situated night establishments,” he added.#

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