Mayor Chiyawan: Natonin tribal leaders to conduct cleansing of landslide site

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Natonin Mayor Mateo Chiyawan said the municipal government and tribal leaders will conduct a traditional cleansing ritual at the site of the landslide incident that killed 18 during the onslaught of Tropical Cyclone Rosita.

The Mountain Province politiko said search, rescue, and retrieval operations have already been terminated.

“We have to make a painful decision because we saw the sacrifices made by our men in uniform and other volunteers from other places but we have to call of the operation and leave the remaining things to be done to the residents and the remaining volunteers from nearby provinces,” Chiyawan said.

But Chiyawan said local rescuers will still check the vicinity of the landslide area for possible cadavers.

“Words are not enough to express our gratitude to the sacrifices of our rescuers who came from different government agencies and local governments who wanted to help in the search, rescue and retrival operations that is why we leave the rest of the things to the Almighty Father for them to shower our volunteers with the needed blessings for them to succeed in their endeavors,” he added.

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