Mayor Belen Fernandez reclaims Dagupan City

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Former Mayor Belen Fernandez has successfully reclaimed the position in Dagupan City after winning against re-electionist Mayor Marc Brian Lim.

The Politiko garnered 67,499 votes against Lim’s 53,042 votes. She also had received the backing of the religious group Iglesia ni Cristo, who had supported Lim during the 2019 elections, leading to Fernandez’s 1,239 voting margin loss.

Fernandez was elected mayor in 2013 against Lim’s father, the late Benjamin Saplan Lim, with a 4,140-vote margin. She once again ran for re-election and won in 2016. However, she lost to Brian Lim on her third try during the 2019 elections with a 1,239-vote margin.

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