Mayor Bataoil: Lingayen bagoong is world class


Lingayen Mayor Leopoldo Bataoil has declared that the town’s homegrown bagoong or fish paste has become world-class.

The Pangasinan politiko said that Lingayen’s major bagoong makers have leveled up their production facilities and have met high quality standards.

Bataoil said bagoong production has been mechanized and has been complying with sanitary standards.

Lingayen has at least 60 registered bagoong makers, wholesalers, and retailers.

But Bataoil said the industry’s challenge is maintaining regular fish supply.

He said the fish used in Lingayen’s bagoong come as far as Bicol and Visayas.

“There must really be a big demand,” Bataoil said.

He also said Lingayen’s Bagoong Festival will be moved to March instead of January next year.

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