Mayor Ayong urges barangays to help man Mankayan checkpoints


Mankayan Mayor Frenzel Ayong has called on barangays to deploy volunteers who will assist in the manning of the town’s border checkpoints amid the coronavirus disease (COVID19) pandemic.

The Benguet politiko said the move will help the municipal government contain the spread of COVID19.

Ayong also said Mankayan’s frontliners need all the help they can get after eight months of community quarantine.

“We have to provide the needed support to our frontliners in our border checkpoints so that we can sustain our efforts to contain the spread of the virus in our municipality,” he said.

“We do not want our frontliners to be overwhelmed because of their key role in protecting the health and safety of our people by making sure that there will be no infected entering the municipality for whatever purpose so as not to spark a surge in our existing cases,” Ayong added.

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