Mayor Ayong thanks Cervantes for opening border


Mankayan Mayor Frenzel Ayong lauded the Cervantes, Ilocos Sur municipal government for allowing the entry and exit of essential goods amid the community quarantine due to the coronavirus disease (COVID19) pandemic.

Cervantes closed its borders to Mankayan last June because of the latter’s first confirmed COVID19 case.

The Benguet politiko said Cervantes is now allowing vehicles transporting food and sand and gravel to pass through its borders.

“We are grateful to our counterparts in Cervantes, Ilocos Sur for opening the town’s borders for our constituents procuring food supply and getting their supply of aggregates in the lowland municipality,” Ayong said.

“We understand their previous decision to close their borders after the discovery of our first COVID-19 case because the virus is really vicious and unseen that is why what is needed for everyone is to be extra careful when leaving their homes and going out for certain essential errands,” he added.

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