Mayor Ayong: P160.3M budget not enough for government workers’ salary

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Mankayan Mayor Frenzel Ayong said that the 2020 municipal government budget of P160.3 million is still not enough to provide full benefits for government personnel.

The Benguet politiko explained that Mankayan has to comply with the prescribed budgetary requirements of the Local Government Code.

Ayong said that the municipal government has slightly exceeded the 45% salary limit.

This means that Mankayan can only provide 85% of the 4th tranche of the Salary Standardization Law (SSL).

“Since we are in this situation, we can provide full benefits for our personnel and ultimately elevate the class of our municipality with the creation of new sources of income and revision of some of our municipal revenue code provisions,” Ayong said.

“Our task now is to see to it that the aforementioned peoples money will be actually and exclusively used for public purpose for the development of our municipality,” he added.

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