Mayor Antonio eyes 29,500 native forest, flowering trees along roads, highways


Alcala Mayor Tin Antonio said she will be planting various native forest and flowering trees along highways and roadsides in the town.

The Cagayan politiko said the tree-planting activity will cover around 118 kilometers.

“Next week, we will be planting bagras, rarang, itangan, banai-banai, white lauan, mayapis and malabayabas along highways, roadsides and trails in different parts of Alcala. More species to follow,” Antonio said.

“We are just beginning to plant native forest and flowering trees on our highways and roadsides — native trees, only native trees,” she added.

Antonio also said to cover the 118 kilometers, the municipal government will plant around 29,500 trees.

“We need to cover a span of around 118 kilometers, and at an average of eight meters tree-spacing and multiplying by two for both sides of the road, we will have to plant 29,500 trees!” she said.

“Could be more or less, because of varying tree-spacing depending on height and growth of each species, which we have considered. Also there are spots where we could not plant because houses are directly beside the roads — but even then we will ask the homeowners to plant inside the yard in such a way the tree would be visible from the road,” Antonio added.

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