May pinagmanahan: Mayor Celeste admires dad Art for doing public service while raising family

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Alaminos City Mayor Bryan Celeste has nothing but admiration for his father Art for balancing being a public servant with raising his family.

The young politiko paid tribute to the former city mayor for Father’s Day on Sunday, June 20. Celeste credited his dad Art for the public servant that he is today.

“I’ve always admired how my dad managed to do public service while raising a family. He was a father not only to us but also to his constituents. What I’m most thankful for, however, is how he imparted to us his passion to help others so that we too, may strive to serve a bigger cause,” said Celeste.

“Thank you, dad, for helping me mold the person that I am today. For inspiring me to follow your footsteps in serving our people and for loving us unconditionally. Isang yakap at isang pasasalamat ang ating ibigay sa mga nagsisilbing haligi ng ating mga tahanan. Happy Father’s Day, sa lahat ng ating mga Tatay!” he added.

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