Mark Go wants graduating college, senior HS students to plant 2 trees


Baguio City Representative Mark Go has filed a bill requiring graduating college and senior high school students to plant two trees.

The Baguio politiko said the passage of the bill increase the country’s forest stock to around five million trees every year.

He also said House Bill No. 4813 or the proposed “Graduating Students for Reforestation Act of 2019” aims to encourage tree planting as a means of involving the youth in public and civic affairs.

“As these college and senior high school graduates join the labor force, requiring them to participate in addressing a national concern that has a direct impact on them will instill upon the youth the value of public service and civic participation in whatever trade or employment they would soon join,” Go said.

“It is the purpose of the bill to involve the youth in addressing the country’s dwindling forest stock, which is among our country’s most pressing issues and which threatens the very future of our youth, ” he added.

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