Mark Go: Relocation of provincial bus terminals to ‘do more harm than good’

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Baguio City Representative Mark Go said the Metro Manila Development Authority’s (MMDA) order to ban provincial buses from dropping off passengers at their EDSA terminals will “do more harm than good.”

The Baguio politiko has filed a resolution calling for a congressional inquiry on the matter.

The MMDA is currently pilot-testing the plan.

Under the directive, provincial buses coming from the northern part of Metro Manila will end their routes at Valenzuela Gateway Center (VGC) Integrated Terminal while routes from the south will have Santa Rosa, Laguna and Parañaque Integrated Terminal Exhange (PITX) as their end points.

“We appreciate the intent of our fellow public servants in MMDA. Indeed we have suffered far too much from our problem with traffic, but I am afraid that without first settling the immediate concerns of the commuters, this plan may do more harm than good,” Go said.

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