Mark Go: Do we love the Philippines?


Baguio City Representatives reminded Filipinos that there is much they can to help in the country’s development.

The Baguio politiko made the remark during the Bonifacio Day commemoration.

Quoting national hero Andres Bonifacio, Go asked: “My dear friends, what love can be purer and greater than to love our country? Do we love the Philippines?”

“That is the reason why we are here, to remind ourselves that there is still more work to do, that there is still more loving to do, a persistent and serious loving for our country,” Go added.

He also called on Filipinos to emulate Bonifacio’s heroism.

“Let us be extraordinarily ordinary. Let us be ordinary people whose collective heart prompts us to work honestly, to build a community around the principles of truth and justice, and to do and fight what is right!” he said.

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