Mark Go calls for probe into relocation of provincial bus terminals along EDSA

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Baguio City Representative Mark Go said his call to conduct a congressional probe on the relocation of provincial bus terminals is not an opposition to progress.

The Baguio politiko explained that the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) needs to hash out the details of its plan in order to minimize the inconvenience to commuters.

Under the MMDA directive, provincial buses coming from the northern part of Metro Manila will end their routes at Valenzuela Gateway Center (VGC) Integrated Terminal while routes from the south will have Santa Rosa, Laguna and Parañaque Integrated Terminal Exhange (PITX) as their end points.

Go said the lack of transport options and infrastructure at the integrated terminals will not only incur more costs for commuters but will also result in more “city buses, jeepneys, taxis, and private vehicles” along EDSA.

He also said the plan will result to “ultimately clogging the busy avenue even more.”

“This representation is not opposed to progress, we are not opposed to the idea that change is essential in order to facilitate proper order, but let us first iron out details of this project,” Go said.

“This may not be a guarantee to halt or delay the implementation but, we look forward to the immediate action of the committee on this matter even in the middle of this busy campaign season, because the public should always be prioritized first and foremost,” he added.

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