Mangingitim din naman! Gov Manotoc defends paleness of restored Paoay Church


Ilocos Norte Governor Matthew Marcos Manotoc defended the local government’s move to restore the historic Paoay Church with pale limestone.

On Saturday, June 27, the politiko explained the restored limestone of the UNESCO world heritage site would eventually darken over time.

Some critics complained the national cultural treasure is too pale, but Manotoc disagrees.

“The #PaoayChurch restoration has been the subject of some criticism for its paleness but we are told the limestone will darken with time and the elements, The church is officially named Saint Augustine Church, both a @unesco world heritage sight and a national cultural treasure,” Manotoc said.

He then urged Ilocanos to begin exploring their tourist sites once again, provided that proper social distancing measures are observed.

“To all my kailian, we urge you to go out and explore our sights while observing health measures,” said Manotoc.

“Covid is less potent outdoors than it is indoors. There is no better time than now to fully appreciate the splendor of our home,” he added.

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