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Mangaoang to Sagada: Follow Mary, Joseph’s example

Kalinga Representative Allen Jesse Mangaoang said Sagada’s Etag Festival is an integral part of preserving the rich culture of the people of Cordillera.

The Kalinga politiko and Mountain Province caretaker made the statement during the celebration of the Sagada fiesta.

Mangaoang urged Sagada residents to be kind and hospitable.

He also urged them to follow the example of Mother Mary and Saint Joseph.

“Also, let us emulate Mary and Joseph in setting a good example for others and the importance of having good intentions in our daily lives. Joseph and Mary took Jesus to the temple to offer Him to God,” Mangaoang said.

“We can follow this example by our devoted attendance in Church, together with our children, where we can offer part of our blessings to God. This is the true meaning of putting God first in our lives,” he added.