Lucky charm! Ria Fariñas files COC for reelection on an auspicious time

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Coincidence or not?

Ilocos Norte 1st District Representative Ria Fariñas said she filed her candidacy for reelection at 4:19 pm on Thursday, October 7.

It’s a lucky number for her, since her only daughter Natalia was born on April 19.

“My lucky charm since 2013. Yesterday, I was the 19th candidate to file for candidacy at 4:19pm. Coincidentally, my baby was born on 4/19,” said Fariñas.

The reelectionist congresswoman is being challenged by Sandro Marcos, scion of the Marcos clan now at odds with the Fariñases.

Fariñas, however, is unfazed.

“Ilocos Norte is my home and it is who I am,” she said.

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