Lakas talaga ng mga Marcos! BBM ‘happy’ over return of Kadiwa system


The Marcos-era Kadiwa market system has been revived in the Philippines, and that’s all thanks to the children of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos Sr.

His daughter, Senator Imee Marcos, has been spearheaded the launch of the Kadiwa program in different parts of the country in the past weeks.

And Marcos’ only son and namesake, former Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., is happy for the return of the Kadiwa market system.

“The Kadiwa program was built to unify. It bridges the gap between the seller and those in need of their products, benefitting the entire community overall,” said Bongbong Marcos in his video blog on Sunday, September 22.

“I am happy to see this program making a comeback, and I hope other local governments adopt it or a similar initiative for their people,” he added.[0]=68.ARCHlKvJGSU66iKlaDjXgVF2RujULVIjMOsVk55i-JimJ35yXowbpxuIBrlsHUlVj1_ThAITWU_cKZQ1nC4RBEfofGTCmG1r–wZlgkGQVh5NYZS2s5SKwwgCRoe8nVqleoCkHT4gK7ZeR5flW1MZWhVffLk0ndYurkv_vxYBAwFnrURcenwdcP60DQ7oK2ZSPOlq_JMWysKBEH4zMkRpQXFvTXpqCb48GkXrwHP1xwwJXfUdp-EYAuin8v7QsJJKJoFESaxErhiJHslUQ6rHDPH7oji-WpJXM0TYRAPZIR39dOwpZRvxn50tPlc5BEPwzc6xx23yAgJRo0nNQUqe2JwtHTB287Jx83C7hiUF8rcEiajqft6_WiavbDpLYL8ThhZZ1mYLAthjpLelDiE-XngVKX9N5uhvYCnbWskLFslYxRtji2o&__tn__=-R
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