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‘Kunin ‘nyo na kameee!’ Mayor Antonio jokes about aliens as prices of goods soar

Alcala, Mayor Tin Antonio just had to crack an alien abduction joke after seeing a painting that perfectly captured what she thinks about the current high prices of goods in the market.

The witty side of the North Luzon politiko came out on Sunday, August 7, while viewing the painting made by artist Jerson S. Samson. The painting features the skyline of shanties with the words “Aliens!!! Kunin ‘nyo na kameee!” written in bold on the night sky.

For Antonio, those words echo what she feels about the country’s economic situation right now.

“Sa taas ng presyo ng gasolina, pagkain, kuryente, abono, bigas, shortage sa baboy at manok, at P40 pesos anim piraso ng kamatis sa grocery,
‘Aliens!!! Kunin nyo na kameee!’ by Jerson S. Samson, 4x3ft oil on canvas,” said Antonio on Facebook.