Japan mayor hopes to reinvigorate Ilocos Norte’s garlic fams

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LAOAG CITY — Japanese officials from Japan will visit Ilocos Norte on Thursday for a dialogue on revitalizing the garlic industry here.

Led by Harumi Yamamoto, Mayor of Takko town in Japan, the consultative dialogue aims to strengthen cooperation on agriculture sector, particularly on improving garlic production, Edwin Cariño, head of the Sustainable and Development Office under the Ilocos Norte government, said on Wednesday.

Cariño said all provincial leaders, Mariano Marcos State University officials, local chief executives from the five major garlic producing towns of the province and technical staff of agriculture will be present in the dialogue.

Japan-based Takara Inc. team, along with the Mariano Marcos State University and Provincial Government of Ilocos Norte, has agreed to cooperate in enhancing garlic technology by deploying some agriculture students and farmers to deepen their understanding and technical know-how to grow bigger garlic and explore its numerous potentials in the international market.

The Japan delegates then challenged local farmers here to grow bigger garlic with the right application of technology and cultivation practices.

To strengthen friendly relations with the Philippines, the Japanese officials will visit the province again for the implementation of a collaborative research and development project in Ilocos soil.

Japan and Ilocos Norte’s climate may vary but according to Dr. Shirley Agrupis, president of MMSU, “continuous research and development can go a long way to help local farmers improve their garlic production.”

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