Imee Marcos slams Dominguez for ‘misleading’ Duterte on Masagana 99


Senator Imee Marcos on May 21 slammed Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez III for allegedly “misleading” his best friend President Rodrigo Duterte on the failures of the rice program Masagana 99.

This after her Dominguez debunked the Ilocos Norte politiko’s false claim that her father’s rice program, Masagana 99, was a success.

Dominguez, who was President Corazon Aquino’s Agriculture secretary, said Masagana 99 bankrupted 800 rural banks.

“I cleaned up the mess that was left by Masagana 99,” he said

Dominguez also said the Philippines never exported rice during the former dictator Ferdinand Marcos’ regime.

But Marcos, citing former University of the Philippines president Dr. Emil Javier, said the country exported rice to other countries under Masagana 99.

“President Duterte was pushing for a revival of Masagana 99 early on in his administration, but maybe Dominguez misled his best friend, too,” Marcos said.

“Shame on you, Secretary Dominguez. Give the Filipino farmer some credit! When supported by sound government policy and defended against rampant importation, we can feed ourselves. Give the Filipino farmer a chance!” she added.

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