Imee Marcos opposes ICC probe into drug war: ‘Kailangan ipagtanggol si Duterte’

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Senator Imee Marcos believes her ally President Rodrigo Duterte must be protected at all costs against the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) potential investigation on the bloody war against drugs.

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The Ilocano politiko said this in a recent interview with CNN Philippines, an excerpt of which she then re-shared in a Facebook post on Sunday, July 11.

“Sa palagay ko naman ay dapat konting respeto sa respeto lamang. Konting respeto sa pagiging Pilipino, sa ating mga batas, sa ating mga patakaran. Ayos naman dito sa Pilipinas. Bakit manghihimasok pa ‘yang ICC na ‘yan? Kailaangan ipagtanggol natin si Pres. Duterte,” said Marcos.

“I think Pres. Duterte can hold his own, whether he is VP or not. I would like to send a loud and clear statement that the Philippine is a sovereign nation with its own laws, its own institutions, and a fully functioning judiciary capable of determining what is legal and illegal, constitutional and unconstitutional,” she added.

Marcos earlier egged on Duterte to push through with his floated vice presidential bid in 2022 to help him evade the ICC investigation.

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