Imee Marcos: DOLE advisories on floating status of workers ‘lacked review’


Senator Imee Marcos said labor advisories allowing firms to put workers on floating status for six months “lacked thorough review.”

The Ilocos Norte politiko was pertaining to the Department of Labor and Employment’s (DOLE) Advisories 9 and 17 that allow companies to modify work arrangements and adjust wages and wage-related benefits for up to six months as remedial measures while community quarantines are in place.

“Despite the good intentions to preserve employment while helping business in distress, the DOLE advisories were made in haste and lacked thorough review,” Marcos said.

They failed to take into account the temporary nature of ECQ, GCQ, et cetera,” she added.

Marcos called on DOLE to revise its advisories.

She said an advisory requiring companies to decided the status of floating employees should be enough.

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