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Ilocos Norte rolls out mobile vaccinations in schools

The Provincial Health Office (PHO) of Ilocos Norte announced that they are initiating the mobile vaccination drive in public schools.

On Tuesday, September 27, provincial health officer Josephine Ruedas said that this is an effort to roll up vaccinations in children in the region.

“If they cannot go to the vaccination site, then, we will go to them… We are still in a pandemic so our Covid-19 activities will continue,” she noted.

She emphasized, however, that student vaccination is still voluntary.

Ruedas reported that the provincial vaccination team will be going to the Ilocos Norte College of Arts and Trades, which has one of the biggest student populations in the province, to hold a mass vaccination against COVID-19.

As of September 19, the Ilocos Norte PHO logged a total of 199,794 or 39.99 percent of individuals aged 18 years old and above who have received their first booster and 27,918 or 5.58 percent of individuals aged 18 years old and above who have completed their second booster shot.

According to PHO, they are aiming to inoculate at least 50 percent of the eligible population with the first COVID booster by the end of October.