Ilocos Norte agri, infra damage rises to P291 million due to Ineng

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The agriculture and infrastructure damage in Ilocos Norte caused by Typhoon Ineng has risen to P291 million.

Governor Matthew Marcos Manotoc gave a situational report as of 6:30 am on Sunday, August 25.

The province is currently under a state of calamity due to the typhoon. The politiko assured the public that the provincial government is continuing relief operations.

“The Provincial Government assures you that we will help you and diligently continue our relief and recovery efforts. We, as we have always been, remain together and resilient in the wake of this natural disaster. We will overcome this in unison,” said Manotoc.[0]=68.ARChd_NjhfJVCTY40r5g936V7M4O_RZu3C2gMw-Oz-2QgMcjuoVhjOUy9j1tCmOxUl1WKeMGcH0yKe3Mqo0s6XSJ1fUD1G53R47hyodNwrUrBeX5rpMyuoJEBPoKzIDcWfFGyib4TnN_QZQLVfzyJo-YCoRM7BrjVEMyvyay-rJdkIauPULqpBAn_94AT3g_CV3G2sA5jdMfjst4Sfv4HVQkDnjART98DXGZtNEEhGtsAels2uGmVZRRlWnsv3vNQ-Q-n7w3Dcd1v3r2a29IncnDg3kZ2frvbk6w27VbYTihsvP_P3XLjXM9qXJ-SKtx7ZoEXUZLaAHy6nWvZu6NQOWAGvZk&__tn__=-R

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