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Iaangat lahat: Mark Go makes pitch for Cordillera Autonomous Region

Baguio City Representative Mark Go continues to champion for the passage of the bill that would replace the Cordillera Administrative Region with the more independent Cordillera Autonomous Region.

Go on Saturday, February 4, explained in a Facebook post why he is still backing this measure, which he has been fighting for alongside other North Luzon politikos in the past two Congresses.

Go said it isn’t just about gaining independence for the Cordillerans.

“We are not simply wanting to have an autonomous region so that we can exercise our democratic rights within the context of the autonomous region, but we want to ensure that this will improve the quality of life in the Cordillera,” said Go.

“We don’t like to simply have another bureacracy that will not address ‘yung quality of life of our people. ‘Yung poverty, ma-address natin, ‘yung quality of education, the social services should be provided well than what we have right now in the Cordillera,” he added.