High ang Paoay! Ilocanos satisfied with LGU’s services

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The multi-awarded Paoay government in the second district of Ilocos Norte province garnered high ratings in the Citizen’s Satisfaction Index System (CSIS).

Conducted by the Mariano Marcos State University (MMSU), the CSIS is a tool designed by the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) to measure the people’s satisfaction with the LGU on eight basic services — health; education; governance and response; infrastructure and public works; social services; environment; tourism; and agriculture.

Giving the LGU an overall satisfaction rating of 92 percent, Paoay residents expressed full satisfaction with the basic services rendered to them by the municipal government.

Survey experts from the MMSU clarified that the CSIS is not a competition for LGUs but a yardstick to measure the pulse of the citizenry on the delivery and quality of services rendered by the local government.

As a 2017 national awardee of the Seal of Good Local Governance Award from the DILG, Paoay was included in the CSIS program identified by the national competitiveness council.

First-term Mayor Jessie Galano on Friday thanked the DILG and the team from MMSU for conducting the research, which will serve as their basis in improving the delivery of government services to the people.

He also expressed gratitude to his constituents for their cooperation in helping the municipality achieve its mission and vision to become a progressive town.

The DILG, in cooperation with MMSU, presented the results of the survey on Thursday. (PNA)

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