Happy kind of tired: Councilor Fariñas fulfilled by farming side job

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These days, Vigan City Councilor Janina Medina-Fariñas juggles her time between her duties as a politiko and managing her farming business.

But she doesn’t mind, because her side job allows Fariñas to do something she loves outside city hall.

On Thursday, September 2, the councilor took a selfie after harvesting some of her vegetables for sale.

“Pooped as heck harvesting so much basil, tomatoes, and cucumber, but this has been such a satisfying day,” Fariñas said on Instagram Stories.

“Thankful more than ever to be able to do something I love and enjoy outside my job,” she added.

Fariñas currently runs Rae and Eve Farms in Ilocos.

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