Gov Marcos: Minimum wage earners can’t afford private developers’ housing units

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Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos said that the housing units being offered by private developers remain expensive for minimum and above-minimum wage earners.

The Ilocos Norte politiko lamented that despite “the booming real estate industry in the country” many Filipinos still cannot afford “to buy their own houses, or even afford renting habitable dwellings.”

“A state-funded shelter program to provide affordable housing for low-income earners like our teachers and government employees and even overseas contract workers, who have little or no funds at all to buy their dream houses must be put in place immediately,” Marcos said.

She cited the housing development program called BLISS (Bagong Lipunan Improvement of Sites and Services) implemented during the late ‘70s up to the late ‘80s as a possible template for a low-cost housing program.

“From now until 2030, we need over 6 million units more: 1.45 million units for those who cannot afford any housing, 1.58 million units for socialized housing, 2.58 million units for economic housing and 605,000 units for low cost housing. The bulk of the deficit is in economic housing which is likely above 3.7 million units,” Marcos explained.

“We should pity the poor who dream of having their own homes. Many of them are just renting, or squeezing themselves in crowded slum areas for a piece of lot on which they build shanties. Government must also construct housing units for rent at low prices for families who cannot yet afford to buy, especially those in congested slum areas who do not wish to be resettled far from their workplaces,” she added.

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