Gov Mamba on Enrile: Demonyo ‘yan!

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Cagayan Governor Manuel Mamba on November 17 hit anew former Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile, describing him as a “demon.”

“I have been telling them (Liberal Party). Never talk to Enrile, demonyo ‘yan. Don’t deal with Enrile. ‘Yan dumiretso ang jueteng, naka-TRO, hawak nila ng Korte Suprema. Dumire-diretso,” Mamba said.

The Cagayan politiko, in a article, said he had fought Enrile for 30 years.

This despite a “tactical alliance” with Enrile during the 2007 elections.

Mamba said the political alliance was only temporary and short-lived.

“I had tactical alliance with his son Jack against the corrupt administration of Gov. Lara,” he said.#

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