Find out what Kalinga province will do to land on the Guinness Book of World Records

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The provincial government here will attempt for a Guinness world record for the most number of gongs gathered being played at one time at the 2018 “Aweng chi Gangza” ( The Call of a Thousand Gongs) Bodong Festival during the 23rd foundation of the province on February 14.

Kalinga Governor Jocel Baac in an interview with the Philippine News Agency on Friday said they were targeting over a thousand gongs more than the 1,000 used in the 2014 Foundation activity, when the province first had the thousand gongs at one time.

“We are hoping to double the number of participants who will be in for the record,” the governor said.

“We are trying to establish the number of existing gongs in the province,” the governor added.

He said the challenge is to encourage the residents in the different barangays in the seven municipalities and one city in the province to bring out their gongs to be used for the event.

To achieve their goal of landing on the Guinness World Records, Baac said students from elementary, high school and tertiary levels would be asked to participate by wearing their native attires and to hold and sound their gongs to perform the Kalinga dance. (PNA)

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