Finally! Gov Manotoc’s prized garbage compactors arrive in Ilocos Norte


Governor Matthew Marcos Manotoc’s dream of keeping Ilocos Norte squeaky clean is now at his fingertips.

On Tuesday, April 6, the politiko posted about the garbage compactors that will soon go around the province to collect trash from residents. Manotoc said these will be instrumental in fulfilling his goal of enabling Ilocos Norte’s towns to improve their solid waste management program.

“Finally! Our garbage compactors arrived. One of my early goals was to enable our 23 towns to improve their solid waste management, a perennial problem,” Manotoc said.

“Most visitors to @officialilocosnorte / @tourilocosnorte remark how clean our Province is and it’s really a result of the deep respect Ilocanos have for their environment, a source of livelihood, sustenance, and recreation,” he added.

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