Feng Shui expert says residents should be glad about Baguio’s hellish traffic

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A local feng shui expert said Baguio should be thankful for the traffic problem because it means good fortune in the year of the Earth Dog.

Adriel Trinidad, the first Baguio-based master feng shui expert, said in an interview on Monday said explained the presence of more people in the city means that good energy will remain in the city, translating to good fortunes for the country’s undisputed Summer Capital for as long as there are people flocking to the city.

Baguio City has been experiencing traffic congestion of late, especially on weekends and after the Tarlac-Pangasinan-La Union Expressway (TPLEX) Pozorubio exit opened in the last quarter of 2017, making Baguio reachable by only three hours and 30 minutes from the national capital, Manila.

Ma. Teresa Trinidad, Adriel’s mother and also a feng shui expert, pointed out it would be good for the city if visitors continuously come over, as the energy will remain inside instead of the city people moving out. The older Trinidad said people going means the energy will also move out of the city. So will progress.

“The people of Baguio should learn to be grateful for the presence of tourists because these are the ones that keep the local economy alive. Various problems attributed to the influx of visitors, like traffic jams, indicate progress. That is why people should not always give a negative impression on the influx of tourists because they continue to bring good luck to the city,” Trinidad pointed out.

On the other hand, Trinidad said the Year of the Earth Dog would be a busy year for law enforcers because they would have their hands full in terms of attending to the priority concerns of the city’s peace and order.

Because of the dog’s characteristic steadiness and firmness, she said people would be firm decision-makers but will be eventually prone to confrontations, as the parties involved will stick to their decisions on important issues.

Likewise, she added, peace and order is an important aspect of sustaining the city’s tourism growth, as the presence of good business climate is guaranteed by the prevailing good peace and order situation. (PNA)

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