Fake news! Mayor Celeste denies armed cops in school part of security detail

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Alaminos City Mayor Bryan Celeste denied the armed police officer pictured inside Longos Elementary School during the pilot run of face-to-face classes was part of his security detail.

In a statement on Monday, November 15, the young politiko said the armed cop was part of the security team requested by a school official to help protect VIPs, government officials, and even the media.

Celeste issued the statement after the photo of the armed cop went viral on social media.

“Contrary to the statement of the DepEd and the media, THE OFFICER IS NOT PART OF MY SECURITY DETAIL as he is, in fact, part of the security team requested by a school official of Longos Elementary School to provide security for members and officials of the PCOO, the media, the DepEd, and other VIP to ensure the safety and well-being of our students, teachers, parents and stakeholders,” said Celeste in a Facebook post.

The mayor then reminded the media to “observe responsible journalism.”

“I would like to gently remind our friends in the media to observe responsible journalism especially during this time when fake news is rampant,” he added.

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