Environmentalists slam Eriguel proposal to develop watersheds, forests along Marcos Highway


Environmentalists have slammed a La Union politiko’s proposal to repeal a 1978 proclamation by former President Ferdinand Marcos protecting 31,000 hectares of forest and watershed on both sides of Marcos Highway.

La Union 2nd District Representative Sandra Eriguel, in her proposed measure, is seeking to use 26,000 out of the 31,000 hectares for “unnamed residential and agricultural claimants – likely for roadside hotels, shops, and other commercial purposes. Only 5,000 hectares of forest would be left along the erosion-prone mountainside.”

Eriguel’s bill will also repeal Marcos’ proclamation.

Environmentalists warned that more landslides could occur along Marcos Highway if the proposed measure becomes law.

Marcos Highway is one of the two principal arteries leading to the country’s Summer Capital Baguio City.#

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