DOTr CAR hunts colorums

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At least 64 colorum public utility vehicles were rounded up in Cordillera in the first half of 2018, the Department of Transportation said.

Lawyer Laird Urbanozo of DOTr-Cordillera said the continuous operations aim to ensure the safety of commuters.

Of the 64 seized vehicles, he said 13 were released after a hearing and payment of fees and penalties under the Land Transportation law.

Urbanozo said the 13 vehicles, mostly vans, were released after the owners paid penalties and fines totaling P200,000.

The other 51 vehicles are still at the DOTr impounding facility in Baguio.

However, Urbanozo admitted the DOTr-Cordillera lacks personnel to apprehend colorum vehicles and violators of other land transportation laws. The agency presently has only nine apprehending officers.

“The challenge right now is we do not have enough officers to apprehend colorum vehicles. There should always be teams regularly doing the apprehension,” he said.

He also cited the problem on limited space for impounded vehicles. The Baguio City government allowed a space at the Baguio Athletic Bowl to be used as a temporary impounding facility.

Urbanozo said impounded vehicles could only be kept at the impounding area for up to six months. Unclaimed vehicles after that period will be auctioned off.

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