Declaration of 2 Isabela towns as ecotourism corridors pushed

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By Billy Begas

Lawmakers have pushed for the passage of a measure declaring the towns of San Mariano and Palanan in Isabela province as ecotourism corridor.

The areas will be known as San Mariano-Palanan Ecotourism Corridor.

Under House Bill 9552, the Department of Tourism (DOT) along with other concerned agencies will prepare a comprehensive tourism development plan within one year from the enactment of the bill into law.

The municipality of San Mariano is home to a pristine system of virgin waterfalls, forest areas for hiking, swimming, camping and other sports, and a crocodile conservation sanctuary.

The Amisan Falls, Minangaoan Falls, Disusuan Falls and Cadsalan Falls are located in San Mariano.

The Pacific Ocean-facing Palanan town is home to one of the longest and widest stretches of white sand beach found in Luzon. The Blue Lagoon, Kanasanggyan Creek and Cave, Digoyo Lake and Disadsad Falls are also found in the municipality.

Due to poor infrastructure however, the rest of the nation is deprived of access to the area.

The House of Representatives approved House Bill 9552 on second reading last month.

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