Dagupan to penalize owners of neglected, eyesore properties in the city

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The Dagupan City council will issue a circular declaring neglected and abandoned real properties as nuisance and hazards and to impose penalties on their owners.

Mayor Belen said the ordinance would compel owners of these real properties to do something before their properties can be considered fire hazards if not health hazards.

Fernandez considered this a boon to Dagupan considering the many abandoned and neglected real properties in the city that had become eyesores.

The draft ordinance seeks the creation of the Dagupan City Properties, Protection and Security Board (DCPPSB) to be headed by the city mayor as chairman and the city administrator as vice-chairman.

Proposed members of the DCPPSB are the heads of the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP), Dagupan City Police Station, Public Order and Safety Office, City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council, One-Stop Business Center, Philippine Medical Society and the Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers.

Under the draft ordinance, neglected or abandoned real properties can be declared eyesores due to their lack of maintenance and cleanliness and can become havens for illicit activities due to lack of security and illumination.

After a property is classified as potentially hazardous, real property owners will be notified within five days with a warning that failure on the part of the owner to comply within 20 days from receipt of the notice, shall constrain the city government to enter the property and curb, eliminate or demolish the hazardous elements.

At the same time, the expenses incurred by the city shall be charged against the owner of the abandoned or neglected real property.

Violators shall suffer an imprisonment of six months and shall be penalized with a fine of P5,000. They may choose to voluntarily pay the administrative fine of P3,000 within seven days and the cost of clearing and cleaning of the property shall be paid separately from the penalties or fines. (PNA)

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