Councilor Fariñas on handling pandemic anxiety: ‘Open up, practice self-care’

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Vigan City Councilor Janina Medina-Fariñas said it’s important for people to acknowledge their feelings and to process them with someone they trust whenever the pandemic-induced anxiety sets in.

The politiko reflected upon her own mental health struggles in a lengthy Instagrma post on Sunday, August 22. Fariñas said the recent surge in coronavirus cases due to the Delta variant had been a source of stress for her.

She had been stuck in a rut, but she was eventually able to process her feelings after speaking to her husband, sister, and close friend.

“Open up to people you can trust or depend on. Practice self care even for just a few minutes in a day,” said Fariñas on Instagram.

“And if you find yourself in a position to be somebody’s lifeline,take the time even just to listen; sometimes just getting to vocalize one’s feelings relieves the burden,” she added.

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