CEZA to destroy smuggled luxury cars

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Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA) Administrator Raul Lambino said at least 100 smuggled luxury cars at the freeport zone will be destroyed.

A report said Lambino will wreck the smuggled luxury cars to send a “strong message” against smugglers.

“The President is very clear in his instructions and directives that we should follow the rule so if they violate, let’s apply the most extreme remedy or penalty. And the decision of the government is to destroy these cars,” Lambino said.

The luxury cars are kept in a warehouse in Santa Ana.

Lambino insisted nobody, not even the government should profit from selling the smuggled luxury vehicles.

“For us, it’s immaterial whatever the cost of that car because the mere fact that they came into the country in violation of our existing laws, rules and regulations, nobody should profit from a fruit of a poisonous tree,” Lambino said.

“If you’re going to deliver a strong message that this government is serious in fighting corruption, smuggling and other illegal activities, that will either be more profitable. The benefit the entire nation could get would not be quantified by the worth of these cars,” he added.

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