Break muna sa kampanya! BM Fariñas treasures precious moment with daughter

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Ilocos Norte 1st District Senior Board Member Ria Fariñas will always treasure the quiet moments she spends with her daughter Natalia.

The politiko shared on Thursday, April 11, a photo of her being hugged by her sleeping daughter after a long day.

“Finally home and my baby girl arrives just about the same time. I’m spent from a whole day of campaigning, and she, from piano lessons, school, and then tennis. We lay as close as possible in silence, finding comfort and drawing strength from each other’s hugs,” said Fariñas.

“And I remember to capture this moment because in 8 days, she turns another year older.. And she’s growing way too fast. But I’ll keep holding her like this for as long as I can,” added the president of the Provincial Board Members League of the Philippines.

Time flies by so fast indeed!

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