Bongbong Marcos to sons: Put happiness of others first before yourself

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Former Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. wants his three sons to put the happiness of people on top of their goals.

The ex-politiko hailing from Ilocos was asked what he wanted to imparted on his kids Sandro, Simon, and Vincent.

“A sense of duty, that you cannot live your life for yourself. You were not put on this Earth to make yourself happy. You were put on this Earth to help other people. It’s your duty to do something for somebody else and some other people, and at the same time, the only way to do it is to make personal sacrifices,” said Marcos.

He explained this means not being able to go on vacation and spending time with his children and wife.

“Of course, there’s no one you’d like to be with than your family. You sacrifice that time because other people need you. And maybe need you more than your sons or your wife does at the time,” Marcos added.

Very good, BBM. Pero sana your family practices what you’re preaching, too!

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