Bongbong Marcos on Ilocanos: We’ve always been known as heroes

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Former senator Bongbong Marcos during the official launch of the 7th Tan-ok ni Ilocano Festival of Festivals said Ilocanos are “heroes.”

The Tan-ok Festival coincides with Ilocos Norte’s bicentennial celebration.

The Ilocos Norte politiko said Ilocanos are always on the forefront of history.

“Two hundred years ago, Ilocos Norte was a quiet community far away from Manila, and yet Ilocanos have been front and center, prominent in the writing of history,” he said.

“We have always been known as heroes – as those who stood up for our countrymen and for our country. This is the tradition that we continue to live in our everyday lives, and it is in this way that we will see continuing progress,” Marcos added.#

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