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Bongbong Marcos denies grooming Sandro for presidency

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. denied claims that his family is grooming his son and Ilocos Norte Representative Sandro Marcos to be the next president from the Marcos clan.

“No. We are not grooming him for anything,” the Politiko laughed on the issue. “There is not some long-range plan that one day Sandro is going to be President,” he said.

He also shared that even Sandro is not planning for presidency this early, sharing that the Politiko neophyte will ‘laugh at your face’ when the topic is brought up.

The Politiko also cited that the younger Marcos’ decision to enter politics was his own. “He is grooming himself. He has decided on this career, politics and he will handle it the way he does,” he said.

“Everybody dreams to be in the number 1 position, but that doesn’t mean we are plotting, we have this long-range plan. He’s too busy anyway. He has too much anyway,” he added.