BM Fariñas channels inner historian in Athens


Quality time with her daughter while soaking up the history? That’s exactly what Ilocos Norte 1st District Senior Board Member Ria Fariñas did in Athens, Greece!

The politiko had visited the Theater of Dionysus with her daughter Naya. The mother-daughter tandem then posed for a lovely photo in front of the historic site.

“The Theatre of Dionysus, the god of plays & wine (among other things), & the patron of drama; is the world’s first ever theatre!” said Fariñas as she put on her historian hat.

“The theatre could seat as many as 17,000 people with excellent acoustics, making it an ideal location for ancient Athens’ biggest theatrical celebration, the Dionysia,” she added.

Puwede na, BM Ria!

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