BIR targets R1, padlocks erring establishments

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The Bureau of Internal Revenue has padlocked nine establishments in Region 1, after finding them to have under-declared their sales.

BIR 1 Regional Director Clavelina Nacar said this was after their assessment division conducted an audit on firms not directly under the revenue district offices.

Nacar said a business establishment that fails to truthfully declare its actual sales faces “Oplan Kandado” or temporary closure until it pays the correct tax.

“We give taxpayers enough time to pay. We serve the violators 48-hour notice then five-day compliance before the actual temporary closure,” she said.

Nacar reminded taxpayers to truthfully declare their sales income since their taxes go to government services.

These services include the “Build, Build, Build” program, road widening and infrastructure projects.

Also, she said the taxes go to free college education for poor students.

Because of these, she said “we will implement the audit program to businesses as wide as we could cover.”

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