Binibigay lahat! Duterte: Only Marcos loves soldiers as much as I do

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Of all Presidents that the country ever had, President Rodrigo Duterte believes it was only the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos who attended to soldiers’ needs as much as he does.

In his speech before troops in Sulu, Duterte expressed hiss gratitude to soldiers for their sacrifice for the country.

“Never was a time na walang ibang — Hindi ako nagyayabang. Walang ibang presidente, dalawa lang, ang pagbigay na atensyon na kinakailangan para sa isang sundalo. Ako lang pati si Marcos. Marcos was also a lover of soldiers,” he said.

Duterte said soldiers will see an incease in their paychecks soon.

During his visit, the President awarded the Order of Lapu-Lapu– both Kamagi and Kampilan medals– to the soldiers who fought in Marawi City.

He also gave personal sidearms to soldiers so they can defend themselves against members of the New People’s Army.

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